30 before 30


I’ve seen a few of my friends posting a list of 30 things to do before the age of 30. I enjoy reading these as it gives a little glimmer of what a person is really about, what they really want to be up to, what they really want to achieve and the direction they want to steer their lives towards. It takes time and thought to make a 30 before 30 list and I love learning hidden depths that I didn’t know about people before. I figured that I would take that time to make my own and see what hidden depths I could learn about myself in the process! Some of the things on my list are more achievable than others, and some will naturally occur in time without the extra effort and courage to make them happen. Others require me to be vulnerable and ‘put myself out there’. This blog is the perfect place for me to share the adventures – successes and failures.

“I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares”.


So here it is – my 30 things to do before I am 30.

  1. Finish my degree
  2. Sort my eyebrows out!
  3. Live with my fiancé full-time!
  4. Decorate and create our family home together
  5. Scratch off at least 5 more countries on my scratch map!
  6. Become a wife
  7. Know what it is to create life and meet my children ❤ 
  8. Celebrate New Years Eve at the London fireworks
  9. Spend Christmas somewhere new and exciting (away from home)
  10. Write (& publish) my first book
  11. Be able to complete a yoga workout without face-planting the mat
  12. Learn a martial art
  13. Learn to ride a horse
  14. Travel a long-haul flight in business class
  15. Learn to speak fluent French
  16. Reunite with my American and Belgium friends
  17. Respect my lactose intolerance and stop eating dairy foods!
  18. Build a tree house
  19. Have a family portrait painted
  20. Learn to scuba dive and go underwater cave diving
  21. Be able to make delicious hot lattes at home
  22. Receive my first monthly pay check that contains 4 digits before the decimal point!
  23. Become a therapist
  24. Volunteer for something meaningful that makes a difference to someone
  25. Make friends with someone in France who ‘gets me’
  26. Use public transport to get from our house into the city and back again, on my own!
  27. Start reviewing the books I read
  28. Share my writing with people who can give me feedback
  29. Update my music library!
  30. Learn to draw and paint anatomical postures

Wow this is going to be an exciting 6 years full of change, growth and adventure!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Ola~ says:

    This seems like a nice way to even find out what I want. I have a general idea but I think putting it down on paper in numbers would be very useful. I will try this! 🙂
    #11 all the way, btw. xP


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