Boots and Brows!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 18.13.14For the last 3 years I have pretty much lived in this style of boot all winter (which includes autumn and spring too when I’m in England). It’s a Schuh own brand and it is just footwear nirvana! My kind of footwear is the kind that you DONT have to wear in! Just slip it on and away we go – no plasters, no blisters! I wore my brown pair like everyday last year, and like a pair of blue jeans, the more worn they get, the better they look! I also love the additional height and support of the heel. I secretly adore that I can easily unbuckle the top strap with one hand and sneakily slip them off in the cinema too without giving myself away! I have had my eye on this sexy black edition for AGES! I finally received that glorious sale notification email allowing me to pick this pair up for just £35 reduced from a whopping £75! £10 delivery to France was a bit of a downer, but the student discount made it all okay! Can’t wait to splash in some English puddles come September!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 18.13.46

I am becoming a little eyebrow obsessed these days. I just need to enrol some professional help to sort out my brow-game to be honest but that’s not so easy when I’m in France and I don’t speak French! A quick trip to Sephora at the weekend resulted in some new make-up products to help in the meantime! My partner actually pulled out his wallet at the till-point and insisted on paying for these, which was a super cute surprise! I would have picked something cheaper had I known!

Apparently Benefit Brow Zing (retailing at $34.50) is a great answer to sparse brows. The kit comes with a hard wax pallet, and a soft powder finish, two brushes and some adorable tiny tweezers. I was eager to trial this yesterday, and using the small pamphlet on how to apply to create an arch, it’s safe to say – I’ll have to practice!

The other product I picked up was Benefit Quick Brow (retailing at $20), which is essentially a gel that is applied similarly to the way mascara is applied. Quick Brow promises to give an instant fuller effect. That was easy and quick, with fairly good results, but it doesn’t help with brow shape so my quest is not over yet.



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