Arsenic For Tea


Genre: Detective / Fiction

Age group: Children

Author: Robin Stevens

Aimed at a late childhood audience this book follows the adventures of two young school girls Daisy and Hazel as their secret detective society is called upon once again to investigate the mysteries occurring at Daisy’s family residence. Mr Curtis, a friend of Daisy’s mother unexpectedly arrives at Daisy’s traditional and somewhat rundown family estate. The detective society decide to keep a close eye on him. It soon becomes clear to the young detectives that Mr Curtis is surrounded with scandal. Before the detective society are able to inform the grown up’s of this outrage, Mr Curtis falls ill at Diasy’s birthday tea party. Over hearing the murmurs of poisoning, this book captures the determined essence of Daisy to uncover the mysteries that emerge from the deceit of adults. Vigorously suspecting everyone, the detective society make a list of every guest present, and only rule a suspect out when the girls are convinced that the person in question was unable to commit the crime. However when the truth begins to reflects poorly on her own family, Daisy struggles with denial as all the evidence is stacked against her beloved father. The book builds up some nice character developments, however it seems to me that too much heavy focus was given to Daisy’s relentless and easily irritable character, and lacked suspense and believable emotions. Overall an okay read, easy to put down, and not so easy to pick back up.

I give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars

2 and a half stars copy


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