G22103725enre: Fiction

Age group: Teens

Author: Abbie Rushton

This is by far the most enthralling teen fiction I have read in a while. The essence of this book is riddled in painful emotions and the very clever coping strategies employed to deal with such an abundance of pain and confusion. This journey is narrated in first person from school girl Megan who is dreading her return to school after the death of her life-long best friend. Megan has not spoken since that night, leaving much of the book to read from her unfiltered thoughts and feelings towards people and situations as she experiences the world with the belief she has to remain detached from people. The expression of how this behaviour effects her relationship with her mother and peers easily engages the readers experiences of vulnerability. I absolutely adore the powerful way that Megan’s most toxic thoughts are rooted in the belief they are “protecting” her, while actually she is her own worst enemy holding herself trapped, unable to move forwards. With a small cast of characters, each one is build up well with depth and meaning. Megan finds herself both delighted and terrified when the beautiful brown skinned new girl Jasmine rejects the ‘popular’ crowd and chooses to be friends with her despite her mute-ness. Jasmine accepts Megan as she is and is happy to do the talking for both of them, but with this growing intimacy Megan struggles with the want to be closer, and the fear of being found out. Following Megan on a fantastic journey through jealousy, panic, anger, fear, confusion and desire, the story of her friends death unravels out of her control. Fantastic read from start to end, with a brilliantly unexpected twist. The author of this book is unafraid to touch on the real topics such as sexual orientation, emotional suppression, needs to belong, isolation and loneliness that adolescence (and adults!) experience all over the place. Highly recommended by me!

I give this book 4.5/5

four and a half stars copy


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