Couper les pointes

11826052_10153468147044330_3074931601626769356_nHappy August 1st everyone! I have already had a fantastic summer over the last two months, spent between the South of France, Miami and Orlando.. Wow.. Can I say that again please? Today the calendar says is officially summer and I have got more great adventures lined up! In the mean time lets just take a moment to talk about the toll all the summer fun, splashing in the pool and washing my hair two-three times some days has taken on my hair. Some split ends needed some serious TLC to get this hair growing business back on track! There was nothing11800518_10153468329249330_3045008134255016881_n for it but to visit a french hairdresser – kind of a big deal when my french vocabulary starts at bonjour, and ends at merci. My thoughtful partner printed me of a list of french words to describe what I wanted, and after some pronunciation coating on the car journey into the city I soon found myself shyly asking ‘couper les points?’ (cut the ends). I thought I did a good job, but she looked a little confused. So glad my partner was on hand to translate for me – he is so resourceful like that. My poorly attempted French seemed to break the ice however and she spoke some broken English back so between my limited French, her broken English and some imaginative charades skills, we managed to communicate okay and I waved goodbye to those damaged ends! She literally took the bare minimum off leaving my hair feeling thicker at the ends, and oh so soft. I looooove the way she styled it using a radial brush and hair dryer, it added structure and body that I really want to recreate. I ordered myself a styling brush straight away, I can’t wait to learn the technique!



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  1. Sarah says:

    I love to hear about your French Tamzyn! 😀 Can’t wait to see you again just to hear it! (well and to catch up too haha)


    1. Can’t wait to catch up! ❤️❤️ xx


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