Hair nest!


My new radial (barrel) hair brush arrived in the post super quickly and I eagerly set out to give it a whirl this morning. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to create my first blog tutorial post. Eventually I’m hoping to be able to achieve some great curled structured at the tips of my hair but for now I’m going for root volume.

Products: Recently I have built up a routine that consist of four products for protecting and styling my hair.

The first product applied to my towel dried hair is Kérastase heat protection serum. This particular product is of the Kérastase repair collection for damaged hair, it is pricey so I use it sparing to help protect against the strength of the sun. I apply a peanut sized amount to the palm of my hands, rub them together and then run my hands from roots to tips over my all my hair.

IMG_4654The second product to go on my towel dried hair is Bed Head Small talk. Again a small peanut sized amount applied to my hands, rub them together and apply to my hair. The purpose of this product is to build thickness, and it is also nourishing so I avoid getting it on the roots as it can make them heavy and appear greasy. Instead I focus on the length of hair and tips.

The third product to be applied to my wet, towel dried hair is Bed Head Superstar. Superstar is a volumising spray that is suppose to add lift to roots. I spray gently and sparingly directly onto the roots. Too much and it can leave hair feeling stiff. Fantastic! Now I’m all product-ed up it’s time to get my style on!


Usually my hair falls into place in a centre parting. The weather is heating up today which means I want my hair off my neck! My aim is to abolish that natural centre parting and add some root volume to create a chic, messy bun finish.


The first step to achieving this is to section my hair so I can work with small pieces at a time.


Then it’s just a matter of twirling the hair around the barrel brush, and angling the hairdryer to blow the roots upwards.


When my hair was dry all over and looked utterly wild I simply bent my neck down so the crown of my head was facing the floor, twirled my hair into a long unicorn horn and began to wrap it around the crown of my head like a big nest of hair. Finally I pinned it in place with a hair grip. Huzzah! To my amazement the loose chic nest sat perfectly oozing volume!

Finally the last product was applied – Bed Head After Party. This is a creamy textured product to make hair look silkier. I usually apply it to smooth over those frizzy bits that stand up out of place.

I’m so pleased with the overall finish of this trial! I’m definitely going to be creating this look again!




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