I Was Here

23362125Genre: Fiction

Age Group: Teens

Author: Gayle Forman

I absolutely loved this book, a real page turner that I couldn’t put down. This book was the perfect hammock companion for a day in the sun. The novels heroine, Cody a young woman who finds herself left behind when her best friend, and self-proclaimed better half Meg receives a full scholarship to Washington University. With Meg gone, Cody finds herself bitterly resenting her friend who always seemed to have better everything; the real family, the go-getter personality, intellectual brains and the charisma to charm her way through anything. Cody describes Meg as the sort of girl who is entirely unique, and spent her life avoiding the mainstream. Or at least she did, until she decided to end it. Her final act of rebellion. Yep, right from the onset, this picturesque story of he girl who had everything – oh so popular, amazing Meg, is dead. Meg’s suicide fit her eccentric, rock and roll profile perfectly; a bottle of rare poison, a dank motel room, and a $50 tip for the maid. If Cody wasn’t angry at Meg for leaving her behind before, she sure was now. How could she have missed this? She was her best friend, how could she have not known that Meg was planning to kill herself? Meg and Cody shared everything, why did itScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 09.07.40 not cross Meg’s mind to think this was kind of a big deal? When something about the wording of Meg’s suicide note doesn’t add up, Cody plunges herself into a quest to find this mystery person who Meg was protecting, where she finds pretty boy Ben McCallister. What does Ben know and how is he involved? Why are a bunch of Megs emails missing? What is The Final Solution? And whom is ALL_BS? As Cody unravels the months leading up to Megs death she finds herself surrounded by Meg’s friends, both present and digital, who did Meg confide in and which of them convinced her that killing herself was a good idea? As Meg wades through Meg’s world full of confusion, desperation and a yearning to belong, the lines become blurry between where Meg’s world ends, and Cody’s begins. It soon feels like it is herself that is reflecting back to her. Maybe they really are two peas in a pod, as even in death, Cody finds herself living in Meg’s shadow. Maybe there is only one final solution. I love the way Cody and Meg are created so brilliantly to contrast as day and night while remaining entwined together. Fantastic story telling that left me hanging on every word!

I give this book 4.5/5

four and a half stars copy


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