Tiffany Cut

11705247_10155773206845721_4501096112530202755_n1 month and 7 days ago today I proposed to my gorgeous fiance in the sea of South Beach Miami. He said it would be the greatest honour of his life and so I put a ring on his finger. Today he blew me away and put an absolutely breath-taking ring on mine. WOW.

His ring is made of titanium, and different voltages of electrical current were used to create different colours around the band.. The engineering involved make it interesting and unique for him. He LOVES it.

MY ring – wow can I just say that again?? MY ENGAGEMENT RING, oh yeah that feels good, is a simple, elegant tiffany cut diamond in a white gold band. It’s not big and bulky, it’s dainty and literally my dream ring! I’m so freaking excited!! I LOVE IT!


11796393_10155852890380721_6587168183217834440_nIt was an incredible experience. I couldn’t believe it when we walked in the jewellers and the lady spoke flawless English to us! Was not expecting that in Toulouse! We had so much fun talking to the owners of the jewellers that we are going out for dinner with them soon!

It is really amazing feedback when someone tells you that it is a pleasure to serve you and that your friendliness genuinely made their day. We got such amazing feedback on our relationship today from friends and family when I told them the news and it is such a joy to celebrate our engagement all over again!

I absolutely can’t wait for my ring to be made so that I can admire it endlessly and the love that it symbolises.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulations! The ring looks lovely 🙂


    1. Thank you. It’s so sparkly!


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