Hoot hoot

IMG_6895I am in the process of exploring some different mediums for artistic express. I decided to give oil painting a go and see what I could create. This is my first time using oil paints, or even painting on a canvas!

After a little bit of googling to see what I needed, how to mix paints etc. I took a trip to the store, gathered some relatively cheap supplies, and drew an outline on the canvas. I choose something simple that is in-keeping with my current woodlands theme.

I usually paint with water colours so it was an interesting experience to paint without constantly rinsing in the water jar. In typical me-style I just put brush to canvas and I’m learning the new techniques via discovery. One of the main difference is that oil paints take a LONG time to dry. I ended my first painting session when I could no longer create the shading I wanted, and waited until the paints were touch dry.


It took approximately three days until the oil paints were dry enough to add a second coat. When I picked up the paint brush again it was to add the finishing touches – shading and details. IMG_7173 IMG_7193

I feel really pleased with how this turned out and I love the vividness that is achieved from using oil paints. It is also nice to be able to paint directly onto a canvas. All the oils, chemicals, potions and the pallet knife involved in oil paints makes me feel very cool! Looking forwards to my next oil project!




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