10 Confessions you probably didn’t know about me!

Okay so here it is, a bunch of confessions that you probably didn’t know about me. Unless we are really, really close friends. In that case – I’m sorry to disappoint with my lack of creative thinking!

  1. FullSizeRenderI often say “pacifically” instead of “specifically” and it takes so much conscious effort for me to say it correctly!
  2. I absolutely LOOOOVE to sit in the shower for ages and just embrace the sounds and feel on my skin – weird I know
  3. J.K. Rowling held my knee once – that was pretty spesh <3.
  4. When I am at home I wear my PJ’s like 99.9% of the time.. And by PJ’s I mean a pair of my partners underpants. Thankfully he has like 958 thousand of them.
  5. I think Karl Lagerfeld is really creepy.. His a fashion designer but he always dresses exactly the same.. Just sayin’.
  6. I post things on Facebook and delete them like 5 minutes later all the time. It drives my partner crazy as he is left with all these dead-end notifications.
  7. I stalked Hugh Laurie outside a private event, flailed at him about Stuart Little for 10 minutes and invited him to play charades with me.. He kindly declined.
  8. I can’t say England correctly, no matter how much I try it just always comes out as ‘Engurland’. Just shameful!
  9. I often see little kids playing really fun looking games and just want them to invite me to play too.
  10. I am a total wimp. When I watch a horror movie, I spend most of my time fixating on a point above the screen so it looks like I am hardcore but really I am totally freaked out.

Well that is all my seedy ways that I can think of for now!



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