Narnia is inside my bookcase…

IMG_9132Some of you might already know by now that I am really into my ‘enchanted forest’ look. It just got more extreme! Last week I decided to refurbish some old Ikea bookcases that just looked – well.. Like Ikea bookcases, and transformed them into magical shelves guarding the entrance to Narnia.

The whole project cost just €15 for a roll of wallpaper – the rest of the materials I had laying around the house. However I also used; PVA glue, matt white paint, matt spray varnish, a roller, sand paper and two paint brushes (one for PVA glue, one for white washing). With a bit of help from Pintrest, I diluted the PVA with water to make a homemade mod podge substance.

It was a really simple operation, however it was time consuming with three bookcases it took the entire day! Even with the enrolled help of my partner in crime. IMG_9164

Before painting on laminated wood, it is important to gently sand it to create a surface that the paint can dry on. After that I just added the paint. I wanted more of a white-wash than solid colour. The technique was all in the brush strokes to create that worn, rustic effect.

Meanwhile, the wall paper was glued onto the back board. Originally this was going to be a decoupage experiment, however the paper really didn’t need to be glued on the front because it is not going to get worn and torn. IMG_9133

Once the white-wash had dried, I used a spray matt finishing varnish. This is actually a really expensive option that myself and my partner use for fixing art work. A normal, matt liquid varnish would work equally well, only we didn’t have any laying around! The end result looked fantastic! FullSizeRender

Great.. But what about when we added all the books back? Surely you don’t even see the back? We thought about that too! However even with a mass of books, our handy work is still on show! IMG_9219The bookcases were the final touch to our guest bedroom make-over! We transformed this space from a storage dumping ground, to a useable space for our visitors to enjoy! Behold!



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  1. Rebecca says:

    I like what you did with your shelves, very nice! Well done!!


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