I just like to draw anime..

IMG_9695I’m edging towards more ‘serious’ art forms these days with all that high-brow oil stuff and seeing what I can create. At heart however I will always be that teenage girl with a nerdy glint in her eye and the desire to hide under a duvet and read manga all day. I enjoy using different media for my creativity, and each media I discover suits a particular outlet more than others. Pro markers to me = anime. They are the perfect medium to create that gorgeous 2D even toned effect! I have been working with ProMarker pens for around a year – slowly building up a catalogue of colours, experimenting and l earning how to use them to create what effects, and encountering some serious BIN moments along the way.. In total I have probably drawn about 20 pictures with them – including all the scrap doodles that encountered monstrosity along the way.

Last week my partner and I discovered an art shop in Toulouse which retails each individual marker for €2.55! All my previous purchases have occurred in multipack form, which meant I had a selection of colours I used a lot and a selection of pens I have not used at all. It is just brilliant to be able to pick the colours I want! Especially since those skin tone colours were beginning to run out. I picked up two grey tones – I know.. Those boring grey colours and a replacement flesh colour *sigh* (which I use a combination of ‘almond’ and ‘blush’ for a base and ‘sunkissed pink’ for shading). However those boring greys, browns and skin tones are always needed! So much so that I returned yesterday and purchased a bunch more! Excited to use these today!

Feeling pumped to try out my new colours, I wasted no time drawing Zero Kiryu, my silver haired friend from my teenage angst favourite Vampire Knight. The fangirl in me feel it is important to highlight here that I am more a Kaname girl, but ya know. I don’t discriminate!


When I first started drawing anime characters I spent so long on the sketching process – making sure I had each detail drawn out. Although to be fair, I did also colour them with water colour, which also took forever!! Now I spent about 10 minutes doing a rough outline. The idea is to hide the lines, so why spend so long worrying about them when they are not even visible?? And around half hour to an hour on the colouring. I’m still learning shading techniques, although the combination of ‘blush’ and ‘sun kissedpink’ I used for these drawings seems to be a winner!

The most difficult part for me right now is achieving an even skin tone as the pro markers dry extremely quickly and the first layer or two always has over-lap marks (as seen below). I’m working on a technique that leaves the overlap in the area that will be shaded.

Feeling pleased with my picture of Zero, I decided to do another and just to make it more difficult for myself – draw two characters this time! Hello Kaname Kuran *fangirl flail*.


I am really proud of this picture, I love it when I can see progress in my work and this one definitely reflects that! I set myself a challenge by incorporating two characters in one image, and I even experimented with a background – albeit a simple one! IMG_9586

So there we have it! My first two Vampire Knight Promarker creations. I’m in the mood for a Kaname solo today!

FullSizeRender 2



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