EMSRP – Unfreezing the Authentic Self: Reclaiming the Potential Your Upbringing Put Out of Reach

Genre: Psychology/ self-help/ self-development

Age group: N/A

Author: Mac Andrews

Writing a review for this book is difficult because it simply is so fundamentally important and covers concepts way deeper than I can summarise here. On that basis I won’t do it the injustice.

Mac Andrews brings together important aspects about relationships with self, others and the world in a brilliantly orchestrated, robust 7-step programme. Unlike so many therapy programmes I have discovered that promise change through “positive mantras”, “good energy” and “thought controlling”, EMSRP (Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-patterning) is unafraid to penetrate right to the messy and chaotic authentic core beliefs of unworthiness, guilt and shame that have been internalised and manifest as stagnation, avoidance, and dysfunction. As a psychologist I cannot emphasize enough how brilliant the methodology of this therapy is. It can be used in full or in part to supplement other programmes. I was recently given the feedback that it is a “universal therapy” and I have to say – that perfectly sums it up! The concept of ‘rights for thriving’ which Mac Andrews covers as a component of establishing boundaries for self and others is genius and can be applied across all relationships everywhere! EMSRP does not promise unsustainable change, rather it offers all the information required to cause participants to cause change in their own experiences. This book gently guides the facilitator (whether that be a therapists, lay-reader or a self-help seeker) through each stage, equipping them with the tools necessary for thriving. It also includes examples from real participants, examples of conversations and it is illustrated with diagrams to make powerful information more digestible and visual.

I have observed a massive change in my own life and see extraordinary results in those around me from following the programme laid out in this book. I hope Mac Andrews writes more on this subject soon!

The book is suitable for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, repetitive behaviour patterns that just don’t feel right or healthy, or general stickiness in any or all areas of life!

Anyone interested in this book or therapy can find out more by clicking here.



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