Second oil painting ever!

IMG_0237 Many of you know that recently I have been indulging in different mediums for artistic expression. Currently I seem to be having somewhat of a love affair with oil paints! If ever there was a “the wand chooses the wizard’ moment – this would be it! Something about oil paints just sits well with me. We work well together. I enjoy using them and I delight in seeing the vivid colours, contrasts and effects I can create with them.

This is my second oil painting ever! Considering a few weeks ago I was watching youtube tutorials about how to mix oil paints I feel very proud of this piece! I love the movement effect.

Techniques I used and learnt on this painting? 

Motion! This painting was always about using big chunks of colour to create motion.

Contrasting colours, I used much darker shades around the outside and as the painting closes in on the subject it gets lighter, until the contact point is burning bright.

What is this painting about? 

Energy. This painting is all about energy. It is about standing in the heat of it all and just being beautiful and vulnerable anyway. It is about being authentic in a world that is chaotic, and doing your own thing despite what you’re told to do. It is about not staying between the lines and embracing uniqueness – whatever that may be!




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