Dreams next night

dreamIt’s difficult to know if I have especially vivid dreams – because one person can only have the experience of the dreams created inside there own internal world and so how do you compare one persons experience to another?

Pretty much every morning begins with telling my fiancé about my crazy dreams. I love sharing the small details of my day, thoughts, feelings and experiences with him. When I wake up in the morning I just can’t wait to tell him all about the weird adventure I had while we were apart. I reel it all off surprising myself at how nonsensical it appears when I put into words – because in my head it makes perfect sense. Somewhere in the translation of words it sounds unfamiliar to me, as though applying waking logic somehow challenges the symbolism that went unquestioned in dreaming.

My fiancé tells me that I have the most detailed recollection, and the most creative dreams of anybody he has ever known. I pride myself on my creativity so this makes me feel pretty good about myself.

So here is a bizarre record of some fragments of the dreams I have had recently, that I can actually still remember!

I dreamed that my partner and I were walking on a train track that was floating on a hill made of rubble in the sky. We were hunting for rocks but we also being chased by a giant snake. The snake could change which end of it’s body it’s head appeared from, as though it’s head could travel along it’s own body and appear at either end.

I dreamed that I went up in a metal elevator and I was worried that when the doors opened the gap between the seam would let the suction out and the elevator would drop to the floor. In my dream the elevator was not electrically powered but instead the suction lifted and released it.

I dreamed that myself and somebody else were placed in these urinal trays while we waited for dinosaurs to eat us. The person who put us there came around and gave us a USB port to charge our phones while we waited. I decided that I didn’t want to be eaten by dinosaurs and went and hid in the toilets instead ha.

I dreamed I was in a coffee shop with my friend and his wife. His wife was wrapping christmas presents and showing me some of them. My friend was so amused by this transparent diamond shaped object that was filled with coloured beads and plastic shavings. The idea of it was to shake it and find the little carrot inside?

I dreamed that my brother was smoking this pipe that looked more like an old fashion glass syringe filled with a brown bile fluid. He was clearly high and we were in the “garden” which was actually a massive area surrounded by hills. In the sky I saw a flash, and realised that it was the nose of an aeroplane falling to the ground. Then I saw the body of the plane the other side, instead of just hitting the floor it bounced back up again and thrust all over the place. I went inside to call my fiancé – who said he was watching it on the news..

I had an entirely ‘auditory dream’ – if that is even a thing? Where in my dream I was awake and could hear a soundtrack of an asian battle-field. It felt so real and so clear that I was confused why I was hearing it while I was awake.. Then I woke up.

Totally random post.





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