Transatlantic friendship

IMG_0005It feels surreal that I am almost half way through my final year at university. Third year has been an interesting rollercoaster. The term started off motivating and inspiring. It felt great to be back in an academic setting.. I even considered doing a masters degree. Thus these feelings swiftly passed and I soon found myself back in the frustrated place that academia seems to lead me too. Just want this last year to be over already!

Last night I got to spend the evening with one of my best-friends who I haven’t seen for two whole years! Annalyse and I met during the first year of my degree while she was studying abroad for a term in the UK. She is back in the UK for a few days to surprise her brother studying at Leeds and made a stop in Canterbury to grace me with her presence for a few delightful hours! The last time we took selfies together I had just started growing my hai1003514_10153444852985721_61137104_nr and it hadn’t quite gotten over my ears yet! ———–>

It was incredibly great to catch up with this girl. I absolutely cannot wait for the group of us girls to get back together for my wedding next July. I feel honoured beyond belief that my friends from around the world are making the voyage all the way to England to celebrate my marriage with me.

Anyway, for now.. Enjoy some more drunken selfies from last night.




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