31525_20131230_111918_fakelove27Being popular is not important to me. Saying the ‘right’ things to make people like me is not important to me. Taking other peoples bullshit and “friendly” advice is of absolute no interest to me. The thing is, being popular, being liked and saying the right things only works if you’re exactly what the world wants you to be. Being that person gives you absolutely no room to be the unique unification of experience, thoughts and feelings that make up the space that you occupy. A single manipulation can change the outcome of any variable. If you consider every single diverging moment of experience, there is little expectation that two people would be identical, so why do we push so hard to be NORMAL – when all normal is, is an average experience, a middle line. A collective expectation of what is acceptable.

Observe the mid-line, study it, question it. When you realise where it doesn’t suit you, take a detour, create your own squiggle, sit back and watch what happens in the space around you.

My own journey has progressed over the last two years. Small withdrawals from systems that did not suit me became big ones. The sense of personal injustice has become global. I used to believe that my view was irrelevant, or should be kept private because it deviated from the global push. I have grown since then. I have taken the time to ask questions, form and consolidate my own moral beliefs and challenge the people who protest them. In my first year of university I was amazed by everything. In my second year of university I was marked down for not being critical enough. In my third year of university I find myself being marked down for being too critical of ‘accepted’ beliefs. I no longer accept the status quo. I no longer accept that things SHOULD be Z when A-Y has clearly been overlooked. Sticking to my university metaphor, I know that logically I should write what is expected of me to get the best grade, but something about my essence feels like that would be a personal betrayal. I would rather keep challenging the system than fly high on false pretences.





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  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Brilliant reflection. I like the squiggles away from the centre line. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts too. Best wishes. x


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