Feeling Festive

IMG_6552Living in different countries means that my partner and I don’t get to put our christmas decorations up until we are together just a few days before christmas day arrives.

Although I’ll have to pack this festive display and lug it 700 miles to our house in Toulouse (south France) nearer christmas, I freaking love how warm and cosy it feels in my bedroom right now!

This year I decided to get in full festive swing early! I’ve been desperate for one of these funky naked fairy light trees since they hit the shops last year, and with a half price sale at Wilkos making this beauty just £25 it turns out that today was the day! My house mate and I took a trip to the shops on a student budget and purchased some super tacky festive decorations and started decking the halls!


Decorations are not the only thing that has me super excited about the build up to christmas this year. My fiancé pre-ordered me a Benefit cosmetics advent calendar way back in October! Apparently they sold out before they even hit the release date. I’m one of the lucky girls that gets to greet the mornings with a new make up product behind those tiny doors. The products theIMG_6355mselves are SUPER miniature – it’s such brilliant marketing. I get to experiment with products that I would never think to buy, and there have been at least two so far that I’m seriously impressed with! Great way to be introduced to new products.

The other cheeky advent that greets me (with disappointment) each morning is a scratch card – literally the worse build up to christmas is NOT winning anything every morning hahaha. We really didn’t think that one through!

Advent calendars hold more meaning to me than just a shallow build up to a day filled with presents and superficial tidings. They represent the countdown until I get to see, hug, kiss and play with my partner again. Gifting them to each other and celebrating them together is an important part of that symbolism.

So while I’m loving the thoughtfulIMG_6506ness of my partner each morning, he gets to love mine too! Last year I made him an amazing photo advent. This year he has been tasked with assembling a little advent house each day to decorate the festive train track that will circle our tree – adorable. Don’t worry, there is a chocolatey treat involved too!

Would love to hear about how you are all greeting the build up to the winter feast.




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