Wedding planning

With the year drawing to a closure and a new one about to begin. I want to take the time to write about the most magnificent thing that has happened for me in the past year, and yet to happen in the year to come.

This summer in July (2015) I proposed to my partner while we were swimming in the coast off Miami South Beach. I popped a ring on his finger and he said that marrying me would be the greatest honour of his life. As soon as we told people about the engagement they wanted to know about our plans for the big day. After much private discussion about what we wanted our wedding to be about and be like – we finally booked a beautiful venue that captures the essence of what we are about!

We wanted somewhere that felt magical and enchanting, and we sure got it with Cooling Castle Barn! This stunning place has everything.. Or at least it will do by the time we have finished our grand plans!

With the venue booked and a date set for July 2016, my partner and I have been thrust into a manic world of wedding planning!! There is so much to consider and while some of it is stressful t-crossing, there is an element of fantasy and dreaminess that I find myself thriving in. It is essential that we complete the online wedding planner so that the venue knows what to do on the day and where we want things to go. However in the process of filling in the planner a bunch of tradition and convention has been thrown at us that we don’t much care for. We are not a conventional couple, and if we followed tradition then we would not even be a thing. So tradition and expectations thrown aside, we are back on track planning the day that WE want to create.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.40.45I get so excited planning the enchanted forest meets boho theme that just makes perfect sense in my head. I’m pretty sure I’ve already let that slip to the entire guest list so why not make it official to the rest of the world! While that not-so-secret is known to all, THE dress is top secret intel that only the (extensive) bridal team TT (whoop whoop) and my two mums have access too! Did I say wedding dress? OH YES! I went from never having touched a wedding dress, to owning one in the space of two hours and WOW the wedding dress I own is G O R G E O U S!

To me the idea of getting married has always felt like something that other people do – grown-ups do. It felt like a world away from me. When I slow down and catch up with myself it seriously shocks me to think how much I have grown in the space of three years. From the girl who thought she wasn’t good enough to go to university, to the girl equally juggling her final year dissertation, wedding planning and the what comes next in my career development each day in the build up to traveling to France for Christmas.

A friend of mine once said that I am a diamond looking for the right setting – when I look at how far I have come I know that I have found it.Harriet_Wilde_Marina_Cherry_Wall_LR-59_grande

While it is super easy to spend thousands and thousands on our wedding and get caught up in the symbolisms, I have found it is important to remind myself what the day is actually about. It is definitely NOT about those 4inch £450 designer shoes that I love (I mean LOVE). (However shoes are important so I will come back to this in a future blog).

It is about David and myself uniting the family that we have created together to be recognised by law. It is about making the biggest commitment I have ever made to anybody other than myself to support, cherish and accept another person for exactly who they discover themselves to be. To look at the person I love and see somebody separate to me, with his own essence and to invite him to travel by my side while I keep following my own essence. It is about sealing the deal on our team TuDu, celebrating our lives and love and creating a network of people to support us as we move forward with our lives together.




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  1. Sarah says:

    Team TT whoop whoop! Love it!


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