Wrapping up Christmas


I’m not really sure what christmas means to me, as a traditional christian celebration I have a adopted a more scientific explanation of a celebration of light as it marks the period when day light hours increase. To me it is more of a great winter feast filled with magic, love and play just like in a story. My partner and I collected chestnuts from the garden to roast, baked the most delicious festive treats and it snowed under our christmas trees (yes there were multiple). We filled the walls with laughter and wrapped each other in love.



Last New Years we spent in the Pyrenees sledging, this NYE we jetted back to London just in time to ooooohhh and awwwwwwhh at the London fireworks. After squeezing in some brilliant adventures back in the UK we landed back in France last night feeling pretty exhausted and smug with ourselves for all the fantastic memories we shared.


So with all the festivities wrapped up, some new memories in the bank and about two-three completely work free weeks, the time has come to really crack on and get these university deadlines out the way!

Time to get my Freud vs Bowlby hat on, explore the social and cognitive implications of gender stereotypes in children and really crack on with the nitty gritties of my study on the moral emotions of shame and guilt. Two essays and an academic paper to write and scientific discoveries to be made!

Happy New Year everybody!



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