Our Endless Numbered Days

9780241003947Genre: Fiction

Age group: N/A

Author: Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller’s debut novel Our Endless Numbered Days is beautifully written from page to page creating little bursts of scenic art in the readers head as the story unfolds. While the story itself is a little slow during the first half I noticed that by mid-book I was finding it increasingly difficult to put down. On those occasions when I did step out of the forest and returned to reality I was left with a feeling like I’d just put a film on pause. It is the expressive use of words to create such detailed and powerful visuals using minimal words that really brings this book to life.

One of the truly rememberable moments for me that created a lasting impression of innocents was when instead of stating that she cried all night, Punzel – our young and somewhat naive first person narrative suggests that she sat up all night with her doll while her doll cried. However the defining moment of brilliance was Punzel’s obsession with learning and playing the one piece of sheet music that her father had brought with them to their remote life in the forest. Although Punzel had never played a note in her life, she learns to play the piano by first learning how each note would sound and then vocalising each note as she moves her fingers across the drawn keys on the dank cabin table. The obsession with this music becomes a daily ritual for Punzel’s life and the notes vertebrate through the readers mind as they follow her journey.

Although in some places the plot of this book seems unmoving the delivery of Punzels absolute belief that the rest of the world has disappeared into oblivion leaving herself and her father as the only survivors really touches on true dysfunction and abuse. Our Endless Numbered Days is above all else, a tale of survival in a world where all seems lost.

I give this book 4 stars





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