Vanity time

Bribing participants with free chocolate bars to do my study on the moral emotions of shame and guilt while simultaneously researching and writing a paper on anorexia nervosa = standard day as a third year psychology undergraduate. My research and study can be beyond deep sometimes and it becomes really necessary to take some time out to indulge in the more shallow elements of life! Well, that is exactly how I spent my weekend!

12654290_10156482555580721_462436887672240967_nI’m such a creature of habit when it comes to getting ready. I just chuck on some threads and some basic make-up and hope I manage to turn up to my lectures on time. Eager to experiment with some new make-up techniques I scheduled some pure vanity time on Saturday morning. I’m not one for youtube tutorials.. Or anything where somebody actively tells me what to do  that would be far too simple. I prefer to just find a photo of an end result that I like and then figure out my own way to get there. Well after 2 hours of playing and some black cotton buds later I felt pretty fabulous with my new look!

So heres the products that I used: Mac studio fix foundation, Mac mineralise concealer, Mac eye brow pencil, Mac lipstick; fetish, Bareminerals eye pallet, Bareminerals blush and bronzer, Bareminerals eye liner and Benefit they’re real mascara.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 23.29.00In other news I’ve jumped on the smoothy band-wagon and I’m now a totally hardcore smoothy enthusiast. I have a Pinterest board and everything so nothing can stop me! Actually I am really rubbish at eating breakfast and considering how important a meal it is I figured its never to late to change those bad habits! I even have a freezer full of frozen bananas just so you understand how serious I am about this! While breakfast smoothies are crammed full of all the healthy things in life, I have been taking full advantage of those naughty dessert smoothies filled with oats, cinnamon and honey! (All the good things in life) .. It literally tastes like cake mix – but without the calories (or the salmonella) . Two smoothies a day and a steamed vegetable dinner = a healthy life style change that I’m really noticing in my skin condition and general well-being.




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