Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.22.13Recently I decided to radically improve and reshape my diet. Like most things when I set my mind to something it’s all or nothing. Calorie counting is really not my thing – I’ve been down that route before and have absolutely no desire to monitor myself that meticulously. I just figure if its leafy, fruity or veggies its GREAT and if it’s steamed it’s even better ha. After just a week or so of steaming those veggies, meat or fish each evening, taking notice and avoiding those red salt and sugar labels on food and making an effort to ensure I have a fruit packed smoothy for breakfast I already noticed a radical improvement in my general health. My energy levels increased, my skin felt much clearer but most noticeable was the way my tummy felt much skinnier. Now when I say skinnier I don’t mean I’ve lost pounds of weight (I wouldn’t know as I don’t often weight myself) – I’m simply NOT BLOATED ALL THE TIME.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.22.34What does that even mean? Well after a particularly stressful day at university last week I took a diet-cheat-token and ordered a big fat curry. As soon as it arrived my excitement turned to “why did I waste money on this?” Never the less I spent the next two days making my way through the swamp of coloured grease laying before me. Although this is sickening evidence of just how unhealthy my diet had been for so long I instantly noticed oily skin, reduced energy and tummy bloating. That regretful curry was actually a really important moment where I realised just how much healthier I felt since making those changed to my diet. When I think about the long term effects of my old diet it’s actually quite concerning and questionable why I put up with feeling sluggish for so long.. Although I guess when that is the constant state of being it is difficult realise it can be any different.

honeyjarWhat started off as an attempt to make sure I fit in that size 4 wedding dress has actually turned into a long-term commitment to myself to feed my body better to make sure I’m getting the nutrition that I need. I know it’s serious when I’ve even decided to switch to filer coffee to cut out the sugary iced lattes and switched to honey and cinnamon as my default sweeteners for everything!



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