Harriet Wilde

WddKDXC5Lets get back to talking about the important things in life – like wedding shoes! I seem to have the genetic ability to waste days of my life scrolling through Pintrest collecting ideas and inspiration for life. What starts off with a ‘quick’ scroll to pass time while waiting for the bus ends up transporting me to new galactic entities filled with the discovery of exciting new objects. One of those amazing anomalies that spun into existence on my Pintrest adventures was the existence of wedding shoes that didn’t make me cringe! Oh yes.. If you search hard enough they exist! While the idea of a plain court heel or a sandal might seem like footwear bliss to some – to me it was more of footwear blist-aster! Plain, modest and pretty is just not my style and nothing about me wants to put something thats going to cripple me on my feet unless it looks damn magical!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 14.45.19After discovering the enchanting world of Harriet Wilde footwear I was soon totally scoffing over the price of those beautiful court shoes that in their reduced form are essentially a standard heel with a ‘bit of bling stuck’ on the heel. A pair of these jaw droppers will set you back £450+ GULP! Weddings are expensive and there are way more important costs that need to be covered than the shoes that are not even going to be seen under my dress! My partner and I came up with some grand ideas to do a Harriet Wilde inspired DIY job ourselves – we even brought some embellishments to magic up a pair of standard heels! Although I’m sure we would have had great fun investing our creativity in that – it was just never going to compare to the real-deal but we did a good job of convincing ourselves otherwise! Then in one amazing life changing moment, I found a voucher code in a bridal magazine which gave 30% off an online purchase of HW! When somethings costs that much 30% off is BIG MONEY!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 14.45.26Super excited I showed my partner. There is something you need to know about my partner before this makes any sense. He is AWESOME. In total agreement with me on how AMAZING these shoes are, we booked an appointment with Harriet Wilde in London the next day (which just happened to be my birthday). When we arrived and we saw those trademark embellished heels up close we literally KNEW they were the shoes for us. They look pretty epic in photos but in real life they just look INTENSE! Now there is something that you need to know about me for this part to make sense – I am one to get swept up in the magic of things only to come crashing down to reality when my feelings catch up with me. So there I was walking around in these freaking amazing shoes with my toes in shoe heaven, thinking about all the various ways I might fall over and remain permanently in heaven (if you believe that one exists) and how ironic that would look on my tomb stone. It was actually my partner who talked me into buying these 4.5inch killer heels as I pondered over the expense.. & the fact that I’m going to be wearing a 4.5inch heel all day on my wedding day at the risk of looking like a giraffe walking down the aisle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 14.45.11Once in total agreement we did the unspeakable deed – we ordered (which btw was one of the most exciting moments EVER!) Each (pair of) shoe(s) is made and embellished individually upon order so it took a few weeks for these beauties to arrive. They landed in my grasp just in time to take them along to meet the venue for the first time. Yes I did practice walking down the aisle in them, and yes I did feel fabulous as I practiced my socially awkward wave to aunt Julia (who doesn’t exist) in the cheap seats at the back!

Basically I can’t stop looking at these shoes and flailing about how gorgeous they are so I thought I’d do something productive with that admiration – like write a blog all about it! I love the photos I took of them at our venue – they will probably only ever be there once more! Although I am definitely going to wear these sassy ladies into the ground after the wedding!



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  1. They are so beautiful!! I love them !


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