9 burning desires


After three years at university this summer marks the end of a chapter of my life and the beginning of an entirely new journey. Not only am I (hopefully) graduating with a degree in psychology which will allow me to pursue one of the aspirations I have for my future, I will also be getting married and moving to a different country.

I am so ready to finish uni now and I have a bucket list of things I’m eager to pursue the second that last exam is over!

  1. Finally learn French! 
    This is kind of the biggy. As soon as I no longer have commitments to my work my priority is going to default to learning basic communication skills all over again.
  2. Learn to play an instrument.
    The piano, violin and cello have always appealed to me. My partner has recently taken up playing the violin again for the first time in about 20 years and watching him dedicate time to practice and listening to him play has really inspired me to finally dive in and find an instrument that suits me.
  3. Get fit again!
    I seriously miss having the time and means to exercise. Last summer I enjoyed 4 mile rows a few times a week and even dabbled in some yoga moves. I love how good I feel in my body when I push myself harder and longer to exercise.
  4. Read, read, read!
    I have an ever-expanding pile of books waiting to be deliciously devoured. Lurking around bookshops is one of my favourite things to do and making time for fiction is one of the things I have missed the most in the three years of my degree. Knowing that access to English language books is going to become more of an internet based thing, I’m stocking up on books to keep me going for a few months in between our return visits to the UK.
  5. Write, write, write!
    Oh yes. If we really get down into the dark corners of ‘what I want to do with my life’ it would be to write books. Being able to express myself in writing is one thing however being able to do it in a fictitious abstract way is a skill I am still somewhat in awe of. This summer provides the perfect opportunity for me to really take some time to see what I can do.
  6. Gardening.
    My partner introduced me to the joys of gardening last year and it’s something that we both take great pleasure in sharing together. I can’t wait to go back home and shape up the garden for the summer. I am growing my first seedlings right now ready to be potted in April!
  7. Learn to drive an automatic car on the other side of the road.
    Just like learning French this one is kind of an essential to give me the independence I need to thrive in France. I’m determined that within a few months I’ll be able to drive off and run errands without my partner translating or transporting me.
  8. Have time to paint and draw again.
    Last summer I finally stopped abusing water colours and experimented with oil paints – we just clicked and I cannot wait to have the time to get creative again and express myself all over a canvas!
  9. Make those last minute wedding crafts! 
    Our wedding isn’t until July which gives me plenty of time to get creative and make some of the decorations for our day! I’ve got a few things in mind but it’s a secret so you’ll just have to wait until the 18th July to know any more!

Well while 10 is a great number to end at, thats all the burning desires I have right now. Can’t wait to update my process on all these domains of life as they manifest!




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  1. Monika says:

    I can identify with your nine points, many of them are always on my to-do list but it’s hard to make time for them when you have other priorities.. but you do sound like someone who can make it work! I hope your time off will bring you what you hope for, have an amazing time in France! ๐Ÿ™‚ Bonne chance ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Awwwhh thanks Monkia! You’re right it’s so hard to find time for everything when you have other commitments that require constant time and attention.
      I just can’t wait to finally have time to dedicate to things that have been neglected! X

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