Elsa Drawing – Frozen

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 09.59.59One of the rubs about living between two countries is that occasionally the things I really want are a few thousand miles away. Hugs, cuddles, hair spray.. It sucks. Oh and my art stuff – ALL of it!! Even down to my pencil case, rubber and ruler. Without means of creative expression I have, over time, gone a bit cranky.

Yesterday there was only one thing for it – an emergency run to the art shop. Within about 5 minutes of being in my room I was sketching out the skeleton for Elsa and giving the poor woman some skin!


The most difficult thing about this drawing was getting her left eye to look correct – I scribbled this out a few times and re-drew it since the original progress shot of the sketch. This is the first time I’ve drawn anything since last summer so there was a bit of re-teething with the Promarker pens to make the colours blend nicely. I also purchased some Promarker-brushtipped pens just to mix things up a bit and LOVED them. I found they flowed much more fluidly on the page and they are really great for creating a textured effect for hair. However, unlike the solid tip pens their is less control so I’d probably advice against using them for small detailed parts.

It wasn’t until I drew the iris that I realised I forgot to pick up a black marker! Doh! So I left blind-Elsa in my room while I scurried back to picked up a black Promarker to finish her off!


I’m really pleased with this somewhat Asian and sexualised Elsa! It’s the first time I’ve drawn hair this light and I’m really pleased with how effective the shading looks!





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