Rediscovering My Style!

12795522_10156615136180721_4021619611203843003_nI realised the other day that the last time I really cared about fashion was when I was a 17 year old with an eating disorder and my idea of ‘trendy’ was a half shaven peroxide head with some cute tufts here and there! I actually looked back at some of these photos recently like “what was I thinking?!” Which then lead to the realisation that I’ve pretty much remained stagnant in the style front over the last 3 years just purchasing basic clothes (usually stocking up with the same item in about 4 different colours!)

I remember that last summer I felt totally fed-up with my ‘basic’ range, low budget and some what 3-year-12718138_10156615136005721_5316798633987890530_nrecycled adolescent summer attire. Safe to say my wardrobe just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. It feels boyish, bland and so NOT ME.

Over the last 3 years I’ve grown my hair and really worked on bringing my internal world into alignment with where I want to be. This week I decided to lift myself out of my style disaster by rediscovering my physical self and giving her a freaking awesome summer wardrobe to celebrate how far she has come! I had GREAT fun stepping outside of the old prototypical non-style blandness of shopping and embraced finding some clothes that really express my vibes about life! Check out the picture below of some of the gorgeous new threads I have to adventure in this summer! I’m on an eco-drive right now saving as much as I can – however with the honey moon coming up this summer, I made an exception to invest in this cause!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 09.15.00

My first discovery is that I’m all about the pretty feminine floaty boho style, my second discover is that so is American Eagle Outfitters and I pretty much want everything they have to offer!


This white summer dress from American Eagle Outfitters is seriously one of my favourite pieces! It’s going to go great as a stand along dress for those looooong summer walks around Italy on the honey moon but also great for just chucking over a bikini in the garden!

12784412_10156563972580721_1510223350_nJumping into the re-style in full TT style – all or nothing, I’m also trying something different with my hair! Shifted from a centre parting to a side parting today to see how that works for me. Also decided that I’m going to have some colours put through my hair in time for my wedding this summer! My hair is about 3/4 of the length I want it to be now! So check out this amazing photo (left) I found for a reference to my ultimate hair goals!! ❤ Another year and I should be there!



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