Officially Moving House!


In true TT & DD style we talked about the idea of moving house during the summer.. And then a week and a half later, contracts are signed and 75 packing boxes have arrived!! With exactly one month to go until we move in I’m totally going to FLAIL about my excitement-maximus!

I’m literally the most excited EVER!

This is the first time that I have ever moved house to somewhere that I chose to live! (Uni rooms don’t count) and it’s absolutely brimming with “US-ness”. When we talked about moving it was always going to be out of suburbia and into the country-side. Well we hit the jackpot with this gorgeous 500 year old French farm house on the edge of a forest!

IMG_4971Not only is this place brimming with character it’s also totally magical with the perfect place to brew potions, a wardrobe that most certainly leads to Narnia and a pond for the merpeople to inhabit!

The house backs onto fields and has masses of garden including a pool, rose garden and so much space to play in! ((I’m already growing seedlings to plant!!)) As if that’s not enough it’s a 5 minute walk into the forest for all those summer adventures right from the door step! All that and the move is actually going to be SAVING us money and in the depths of the countryside we will get a way better internet connection than the suburbs! Whaaaaaaaaaat?! How is that a thing?!

While the outside of this property is absolutely stunning, IMG_5024it has so many great rooms inside too! The downstairs is very traditional french farm house style with original floor tiles and exposed beams all over the place. This will be our social area with guest rooms, the gym, library, living room and kitchen. The upstairs of the house is all newly refurbished with some sleek exposed brick work and nice airy rooms! The whole upper floor will be our own private living quarter with the master bedroom, an array of dressing rooms, bathrooms and this absolutely breathtaking space! This beautiful room  (right) is one of the things I am the most excited about! It’s going to be our art-project room (which is basically adult for playroom). It’s perfect for painting and has buckets of space for all those arty antics we get up to! I love that it’s so light and airy and also so quirky! Check out those great boat-style circular windows!

I’m so proud of my fiancé for sorting all of this out in a matter of days AND all in French! We read online that moving house in France can be a nightmare due to all the paperwork and formalities and to give yourself months to sort it all out.. This champion has been working around the clock to get everything ready so that the house move interrupts my studies as little as possible! Massive call out of gratitude to him! I can’t wait to move in and start making the house our own with our stuff everywhere!!



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  1. Andrea says:

    Gorgeous house!


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