Liz Earle

I have not always been much of a make-up girl, but I have always been cautious about what products I put on my skin. Since qualifying as a beauty therapist I have used mostly Dermalogica skin care products, but I’m always on the prowl for something new. So when a recommendation comes from a friend – I’m on it!

Probably due to the constant wind and rain of Canterbury, I’ve noticed my skin feeling dry and flakey recently and my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (face wash) leaves my skin feeling tight, and the Active Moist (moisturiser) just isn’t enough to quench it’s thirst. Instead of trying some heavier Dermoligica products I’ve been searching for a new brand to try. I recently invested in some incredibly good value Estee Lauder make-up (up-coming blog) however their face creams are waaaaaay too pricy!

A friend blogged raving about her new Liz Earle products. After a quick browse of the website I found a fantastic offer where I got all of these products for just £64 – so many freebies (plus postage and packaging). That’s a make-up removing face wash,  mini exfoliator, toner, eye toner, moisturiser and shampoo and condition all for £64! Well that’s an obvious no-brainer!

liz earl

  1. Cleanse and Polish – this products starts my Liz Earle regime and happens in two stages. Stage 1 is simply to apply the cream onto dry skin in small circular movements and work it into all those make-up areas. Stage two gets a bit more exciting. Using the (supplied) muslim cloth and warm water just wash it all off. I LOVE this product. It smells amazing, leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth – not dry!
  2. Gentle Face Exfoliator – this was a freebie sample product and it’s actually pretty good! I think I will buy full-size. I find this product feels kind of dry when I put it on and scrub, but when I wash off it leaves my face feeling amazingly soft and nourished!
  3. Instant Boost Skin Tonic (toner) – this product is okay. I haven’t really noticed any amazing results from this product yet, however it does get those excess bits of make-up off that the cleanser missed, and it does smell amazingly fresh even a few hours later!
  4. Eyebright Soothing Lotion – this was another freebie that Liz chucked in to sweeten the deal, and as with the toner above – I haven’t noticed any extraordinary effects yet expect it does smell delightful!
  5. Superskin Moisturiser – this was the product that drove the whole purchase, a heavier moisturiser. I’ve only been using these products for 2 days so the long term effects are not yet apparent. However my skin does feel less tight already and the density of this moisturiser is thick without leaving an oily residue so I think we will be friends!
  6. & 7. Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry hair – the full size shampoo and conditioner were yet more freebies in this order. Hair is another one of those things that I am becoming more protective over and good quality hair products are something I’ve forever buying and trying. Honestly these hair products leave my hair feeling dry instantly from application. The shampoo makes my hair feel stiff, and the conditioner feels too light considering it’s for DRY hair. Maybe it’s just my hair type that doesn’t suit but I don’t find these products nourishing enough for my needs. Although as with ALL of these products – they do smell AMAZINGLY FRESH!

IMG_1118Overall, the Cleanse and Polish, exfoliator and moisturiser are my favourite of these products and I can definitely see myself experimenting with some more Liz Earle products in the future – think I will try a night serum or moisturiser next!

Oh and one more thing.. These products do come in a beautifully wrapped package that make you feel like a princess!






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