The Gracekeepers

9781784700133Genre: Fiction

Age group: N/A

Author: Kirsty Logan

This book if filled with some truly brilliant concepts. For instance the book is set in a flooded world where remaining land is considered precious and sacred. Those lucky enough to have a scrap of land worth fighting over are the Landlockers and those that live at sea are damplings. Land lockers and damplings don’t like each other – they are in all ways separate people. They pray to different gods, they discriminate and stereotype one another and dumplings are even required to wear a bell when they step on earth to identify them as damplings. I love this concept and it is very well considered.

Most of this book follows a crew of damplings around on their circus boat.. Unfortunately thats pretty much all this book does. I read the entire book and came away feeling like nothing had actually happened. No pivotal plot moment, no build up of tension and no real ending. So the best way I can describe this book is this; there are two lonely young woman who are somewhat outcasts. One is called North (who loves her bear) and Callanish (who is a mermaid or something). They meet and they accept each other. It feels great but when they part, life doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore because once you’ve felt connected it hard to go back to a baron world filled with hiding. For me that was the main point of this story. Which is a good moral – I like it.. It’s just it seems to have gotten lost in so many unnecessary characters and strange plots that never really went anywhere. The saddest part is, that these characters and plots were by no means poorly written or boring. They are interesting, they are perfectly complex and vilified in all the right dimensions. I feel like this book was  FILLED with BRILLIANT potential, however there was too much building up and not enough actual plot which left a dissatisfied feeling when the reader has all these concepts that don’t seem to go anywhere.

The Gracekeepers is Logans first novel – I look forward to seeing where she goes next on her journey. She is clearly creative, I just felt that Gracekeepers had too much and not enough happening all at once. Logan might find herself better suited to writing series of books where her complex characterisation and creativity has more span to develop.

I give this book 2/5 stars.



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