Hair TLC – Olaplex

Firstly I FINISHED MY DEGREE and I’m now enjoying my freedom! Apart of this enjoyment was giving my blog a facelift – oh la la!

Right now lets talk hair! Some of you may already know that I had a hair nightmare recently. The bleaching and colouring has left my hair feeling really dry. The dryness tangles and then I get upset.

IMG_0262I ranted to my bro about this at the weekend. He and his hairdresser boyfriend pointed me in the direction of Olaplex – big shout out to their team effort! Olaplex is a chemical treatment for coloured hair. Essentially it works by actually restoring the bisulphate bonds inside the damaged hair strand. So unlike other products that just soften or protect – this actively gets right in there and repairs. How do we get this stuff?! That was my first question too.
Olaplex is SUPER expensive and hair salons will only stock one bottle of it because it costs so much. You can go to a Tony and Guy hair salon and pay about £35-40 (other hair salons probably offer this too) for them to squirt a few drops of this stuff into your hair and it will really help to restore the damage that colouring and bleaching does. It can also be done at the time of bleaching / colouring for the additional fee. If only I had known this?!

There is also a home treatment version which is essentially a much less concentrated IMG_9842version for home use once a week in-between salon treatments. I was actually out shopping at the time and didn’t have time for a treatment there and then. So I invested in the home-treatment version. This 100ml bottle set me back £35 from a Tony and Guy hair salon, I think it can be purchased for around £30 online so have a shop around for the best price.

It says to leave in for 10 minutes. I had this on my head for around an hour this morning and then rinsed out with Tony & Guy Honey  Label.M Honey and Oats shampoo and conditioner. Honey and Oats smells AMAZING! (Kind of like a delicious smoothy) and it left my hair feeling nourished and soft.


I’m not going to lie and say this product fixed all my hair woes but it does feel softer and it’s not tangled now that it’s dry. It’s also not left my hair with that weight down heavy or greasy feeling that so many hair treatments leave behind. I’m going to keep using these products for a while so I’ll update on a verdict I thought I’d just put that out there incase anybody else is in need of some hair TLC.






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