Country Kitchen


I finally got back home two days ago. Being home with no studying always means I get my creative juices flowing and what better way to celebrate than set up my own baking corner in our country kitchen?! So here it is – my little slice of domestic bliss!

IMG_1199Why baking all of a sudden? Well, you might have noticed the gorgeous red beast perched on the side. I discovered this machine while visiting a friend last week. She used it to make THE MOST DELICIOUS FUDGE EVER and I feel totally inspired by her to bake all the yummies. She’s an awesome professional chef and luckily for you – she sells some sweet treats on her Etsy store. Be sure to check her out, especially if you have special dietary requirements because she caters for everybody’s sugary needs!

I looooooved making fudge with her so much (although mostly I just watched the master at work) and couldn’t wait to give it a go solo. How often do you get to boil things to 112 degrees or refer to food as ‘lava’?! Unsure what to expect, I was delighted when my fudge actually set and tasted DELICIOUS! Fun and yummy – it’s a winner! Some of our friends came over for tea and I was so excited to serve my home-made white chocolate fudge to them. There is something satisfying about making treats for people to enjoy.


FullSizeRender-2 copyMy awesome first-time fudge success has put me on a baking high! Next up – chocolate truffles! My partner and I set out to find single cream in France.. With a little help from google translate we stocked up on 5 different sorts of creamy products hoping that one of them made the cut. Luckily the first one I tried worked a charm and with the wave of a wand home-made dark chocolate truffles happened! Okay so it took a bit more effort than that but it was surprisingly easy to make these little melt in the mouth balls of coco paradise! Now I have the basics down and know what I’m doing, the next time I make these I will substitute the dairy products for lactose free alternatives to meet my own dietary needs.






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