The Crow’s Tale

9781847806154Author: Naomi Howarth

I absolutely LOVE this childrens picture book!! It is about rainbow Crow who journeys to the sun to ask for heat to help the other animals survive the cold winter. The sun gifts Crow with a branch on fire which stains Crows feathers black from soot. Rainbow crow returns a hero but fears the others will not like him without his rainbow wings.

“The animals loved me for my colourful wings, and now I can croak but once I could sing! My feathers”, said crow, “are as burnt as can be. Now none of the others will ever like me”.

“Dear Crow”, said the sun, “you are selfless and brave. It’s not how you look, but how you behave. Can you not see what the others can see?  You’re as beautiful as you can possibly be”.


Great moral, great rhymes, fantastically illustrated and an absolutely diamond of a book!

I’ve literally followed my partner around the house reading this one multiple times just because it’s such a beautiful story of acceptance, celebration of growth and becoming.

Highly recommend for anybody looking for some powerful stories for the little ones!



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