Bath Bombs

IMG_2804I just get these craft ideas into my head, and although I could just buy these things for much cheaper – when I decide I want to make something there is no stopping me! This week it has been bath bombs! I spent a small fortune ordering all the ingredients and equipment I needed and when it arrived I set out to make my first bath bomb.


IMG_2825This science was actually much more difficult than I anticipated! I found a recipe online which told me to mix all the dry ingredients together and all the wet ingredients together and then slowly add the liquid to the dry mixture.. This recipe did NOT stress HOW slowly this needed to occur NOR how to rescue from a fizzing explosion as my mixture seemed to turn into a magically expanding fizz monster. I did manage to salvage some of this batch, however as the chemical reaction had already taken place when placed in the bath these bombs just sunk and dissolved – not a very thrilling event.

The second bacth I made was much better. It fizzled away and left a delicious rose fragrance at bath time. However my overall feeling was that while this left my skin feeling oiled – just using olive oil wasn’t nourishing enough or very satisfying.


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 13.39.06

This morning I set out to make a third bath with new and improved recipe and method. This time I melted coconut oil in a pan and waited for it to semi-cool. I also only added a sprinkle of water and STIRED vigorously to get rid of that chemical reaction! I noticed that using this new methodology the powder felt much more manageable and was much easier to mould. I haven’t tried these ones yet as I’m still waiting for them to finish setting, however I am pretty excited to see if the coconut oil and coconut essential oil makes these pretty little pink bombs more of a bath time delight.


While these bombs are very basic, I am looking forwards to ordering some different essential oils and seeing what different colours and smells I can create.. Already got some rose petals from the garden drying out for that extra glamorous aesthetic appearance! I am also looking forwards to giving these as gifts to some of my girly friends who love a good pamper.





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