Marbled Jewellery Bowls


A few days ago I started playing with oven-bake clay and thought I’d share some of the arty things I have been making. So what is oven-bake clay?

Well, it’s a type of home and children friendly clay that comes in different colours and all you have to do is make something pretty and then pop it in the oven for a few minutes, leave to cool down and BOOM – it’s done.

IMG_0778So my hubby got me a Sculpey ‘starter’ pack with like 30 small different coloured clays in it. Sculpey was the brand that came from UK amazon but here in France I have only managed to find Fimo in the art shops. Annoyingly the two different brands have different recommended cooking times and temperatures which makes mixing the two in one project risky business. Luckily for you I am that risky and I can conclude that 130 degrees for 15 minutes seems to work pretty well for BOTH brands – so go crazy.

I had fun making a few marbled bowls for keeping jewellery and hair-pins in as it is a great way to dive in and explore different colours and really tuck in and get the creative juices flowing. After baking I just tidied up the edges with some gold acrylic paint which really adds that touch of class. These little bowls look like the sort of thing that would cost lots of money from a craft shop and they are super easy, cheap and fun to make. I really like the small orange one as it looks like a jurassic eye! Oooh la la.


Today I felt like taking my oven-bake clay skills one step further and actually trying my hand at sculpting something neater. While I still have a long way to go and a lot of techniques to learn to make the lines and edges much smoother, I am pretty happy with my foxy bookmark and looking forwards to making some more animal page quitters – because I’m forever loosing them in books I can’t bring myself to finish!



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