Kick Starting Booktober

After an absolutely insane summer of chaotic schedules and rushing around I absolutely cannot wait to kick back this October and see how many books I can get through on my winter reading list!

To get this novelistic party started, heres a quick review of some of my more sinister recent reads.

615witilpgl-_sx322_bo1204203200_The Silence of The Lambs

Author: Thomas Harris

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! So much love for this Hannibal edition.

In this edition of the Lecture series, we meet Starling, a young student with hopes of making it into the psychology section of the FBI. As a reader we get to experience her first field work in a real case and observe her relationship with Dr Lecture from the nervous girl who wants to make an impression and do a good job to the woman who shares her darkest secrets with a convicted murder whom she simultaneous fears and respects for information to save a strangers life.

Starling and Dr Lectures relationship in this book is beautifully written. I have literally been telling anybody that will listen how much I adore the way Thomas Harris creates Hannibal Lecture to be a chilling, super intelligent, egoistic character who has done terrible things, and yet as a reader you really can’t help but like him and be fascinated by him. This is all done without downplaying any of the other characters or making them particularly unlikeable or stupid. Remarkable literature!

However I have to admit after reading Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs back to back and absolutely devouring them with total satisfaction in a very short time, I found myself carrying Hannibal (the third book in the series) around for over 2 months before finally admitting to myself that I needed a break to fully enjoy it.

29437949Behind Closed Doors

Author: B A Paris

I have seen this book appearing in top ‘to read’ charts all over the place and with it’s attractive blurb and interesting front cover I excitedly picked this one only to find myself really disappointed to find myself reading an exaggerated, unbelievable and over the top account of abuse.

This book follows Grace our trapped and abused wife of apparent psychopath husband Jack. Grace found out the truth about the man she married the night of their wedding when he made an excuse not to sleep with her that night and decided that the first night of their honeymoon would be a good time to tell her that his actually only in the marriage because he wants to torment her down syndrome sister Millie – who he just pushed down the stairs by the way.. So having that information Grace then spends the rest of the book pretending to the world that psychotic husband Jack is the bees knees while actually living as his prisoner and dreading what will happen to Millie when Jack finally gets her in his house? Hmm…

Firstly, a relationship doesn’t need to have somebody who physically locks somebody in a hotel room for a week and only lets them out to take photos to show their friends what a great time they had and then keeps them in a bared room without food and creates a secret dungeon in the basement for all kinds of torture to occur for it to be abusive. People can be kept prisoners in relationships in much subtler ways. People can also manipulate in much subtler ways and this depiction of horrific abuse, to me, seemed ridiculous explicit and irritating. Having said that, I really enjoyed the last 2-3 pages of this book and found that final detail to be very effective.


Author: Robert Harris

I started reading this one at the airport and I literally didn’t put it down until I’d finished it the following afternoon. What an absolutely brilliant piece of fiction.

I’m not going to say much about this one because it’s shiny new out and I don’t want to ruin it for anybody.

However I absolutely ADORE the way this book is written from the point of view of a cardinal who is frustrated and questioning God. I love the things touched on in this book such as serving the church and NOT God and the differing views and intolerance of others views. This book really presents the leaders of the modern day catholic church and the dilemmas they face in a way that I found fascinating to read.

A conclave, a pope to be elected, scandal, cover ups, terrorism and an ending that I never saw coming!

Basically, just read it!



My next books to read are:

Dictator by Robert Harris

Out of Bounds by Val McDermid



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