Sew what?


After ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ about buying a sewing machine for the last year, my hubby finally pressed the order button on my Amazon shopping basket. Last week I unboxed my shiny new basic Brother machine. Considering I think I have touched a sewing machine or anything fabric-making about twice in my life and that mostly involved clogging up the machine in year 7 at school and watching a friend make something a few years ago. I am really impressed with what I have managed to make and I love seeing how my ideas and skills are improving with every project.

I have literally lost a week of my life playing with fabric, threads and needles so here is what I’ve managed to create.

img_7864My first project was a somewhat misshapen magical stocking.. It took me a few hours to figure out what all the sewing lingo actually means.. Like I am just suppose to know what ‘right sides together’ actually means?? For anybody that doesn’t know, it essentially means that the ‘good’ sides of the fabric face one another so you are working on the ‘back’ of the material. Looking back at this one now I can see that it’s a really amateur attempt BUT none the less, it was pretty good for my first attempt at sewing something. The same day I also completed project two – my first santa sack! Compared to stocking making these sacks are so much more fun and they suit me because I literally don’t have to measure anything or faff around with any patterns or templates. I just cut the fabric and make it all up as I go. I am going to buy a different colour ribbon and change the green tie on this one – it is all I had handy at the time.

img_7935Feeling really thrilled with my first day playing sewing and encouraged by the feedback I received, I got even more ambitious on day two and made up my own foxy stocking pattern! I literally had NO idea if this would work and just visualised in my head how I would cut each piece on the fold to make it all fit together. Got to say, I felt super artsy drawing out my own pattern!

I literally cut all the pieces out and sewed half of it together before I realised that it was actually going to work. This little cute silver fox stocking is for my husband who always encourages and supports me when I have an urge to play with a new medium. For now it’s finished, but I might add ears at a later date!


img_8044Day three was a “I need more supplies day” and some how the entire day was swallowed on an adventure around Toulouse looking for fabric shops. We managed to find a gem of a store and I stocked up on lining material and some basic colours.. I’m a little shocked at just how expensive fabric is and when you need lining too, just how much fabric is used per project.. Definitely not a cheap hobby!
Day four was dedicated to making my first santa sack request. My friend asked me for a sack with writing and so after creating the design in photoshop I printed onto heat transfer paper and ironed on the text – make sure you mirror the design before printing. I also experimented with some different stitches on this one to stop the detail fabric from fraying.. I am aiming to neaten up my stitch work on my next projects but overall I’m really pleased with how this one turned out!


So much so that I spent the next day working on another santa sack with a similar design but more magical theme for a fellow Harry Potter loving friend! My sewing is by no means perfect and each project it is made with a whole lotta love for whoever I’m making it for. I just love making things and being able to make things that are unique for my friends gives me such a buzz.


So a week ago I had never successfully sewn anything, 5 days later and I sew. It is now a thing!




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  1. Doja says:

    Oh my goodness! How cute are all of these! You definitely have a natural knack for sewing, they all look so well made. Your friends will love them!


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