Cursed Child – Theatre Week

With the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just behind us and my social media timeline filled with brilliant snaps from the premier and just people generally flailing about a new Potter edition in their lives, it seems fitting to share my Cursed Child experience (while keeping the secrets obviously).

Firstly I have never booked anything so far in advance in my life. Not even my wedding! We have been sitting on these tickets for over a year and finally Halloween 2016 arrived! My husband and I love theatre and living in France it is usually an expensive trip to London just for one show.. So naturally we jam packed that week full of theatre-goodness.

img_8926The week started with The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I had heard some great things about this one and my husband had read the book way-back-when and wondered how it has been adapted to stage. So I booked it up and off we went. We were both totally blown away by how brilliant this one was. Humorous, brilliantly acted and a great use of stage, but more than that The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a powerful play that represents a different perspective of the world, I definitely feel like I learnt something from this one.

img_8932Next up was Les Miserables. I have seen this one a number of times and despite being highly religious, it is one of my all time favourites because – catchy tunes! My husband, having never seen the play and found himself subject to said catchy tunes numerous times decided that it was time to find out what all the fuss was about. He booked us some STONKING seats (seriously though – how can they charge that much?! Scandalous!) Although as a little tip I think it’s probably best to go for row 2 of the dress circle (as we found out with Cursed Child) because row 1 restricts leg room. I loved the production as always and the husband was impressed too, so that is that one all wrapped up.

Finally the 30th October arrived and it was time for a touch of magic! While I utterly intend to keep the secrets, I must also highlight that I haven’t read the script so this account is entirely based on the production of the play. Once we booked the tickets I avoided all things Cursed Child. I literally didn’t want to know anything until I arrived on the day, and somehow I succeeded in this task! Hurray.


I don’t know how it appeared to those who have read the script and not seen the play, however part 1. act 1 seemed to me to be very choppy, to jump all over the place and sadly, to drag on. I understand that this part of the play was dedicated to ‘setting the scene’ and helping people who have not entered the Wizarding World before to understand. HOWEVER as the play progressed it became abundantly apparent that anyone who had not followed Harry Potter before would really struggle to understand what was happening.

There were also certain points in the story of the play that I find a little – disappointing, in that it spoils my understanding of that character. However we just have to roll with that because JKR has final say on our favourite characters – being that they live inside her head and all.


I did however LOVE a certain blonde haired character who was introduced in this instalment and I can totally relate. I see little glimpses of his character in myself sometimes so it is nice to see that character made a remeberable impact on me. I also love the friendship portrayed between our new child stars, which in a way, is the heart of what Harry Potter is about. I felt like JKR managed to make another comprehensive and interesting storyline that did make me ohh and ahh throughout. However I didn’t cry at any point, which is interesting, because I cry so easily at like, everything.

One of the most brilliant parts of the production that cannot be understood from the script alone is the neat little ‘magic’ tricks throughout the performance that made the whole thing a delight to watch. It made the transition smooth and clean but more than that, it made it exciting. The stage was kept simple and a mixture of funky tricks  by stage hands and actors such as sweeping things away with capes and astonishing lighting effects really gave the story that WOW-factor that every Potter fan who makes the journey hopes for.

After an entire day spent in our (AMAZING!!) seats (like seriously the best seats!) we had to scurry back to our hotel pretty soon after it finished as we had a flight to Berlin the next morning so I didn’t get to ask any strangers what they thought. When I think back to Cursed Child now I still have so many mixed feels. What are your thoughts on Cursed Child?

img_8901So to end this post on a Potter high, I also happened to be in London on the day that this super limited edition of Empire Magazine was released to select Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. My hubby did one of his amazing things where he didn’t stop until I got my hands on one – even if that did mean taking a taxi out of London to a discrete Sainsburys store just to find one.  I haven’t actually opened the box yet – because I am avoiding all things Fantastic Beasts until we see it next weekend. BUT it does have an adaptor to charge it up (which I couldn’t resist) and then it plays a full trailer of FB with comments from the cast!!! (Okay so I am avoiding most things FB). Yes thats right, this magazine has a full colour TV screen with audio inside the front cover. I mean isn’t that just incredible for £10!? Totally impressed. It must be magic!



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