Two car team!

I have definitely never been a car person. In fact throughout my life I have been spotted driving a 18th century Nissan Micra and a 2004 ginger Ford Fiesta called Rupert, so my car expertise is somewhat lacking. When my dad and granddad pitched together to buy my second car I felt like a goddess of the roads with my power steering, one click engine start and the ability to reach 50 mph without the car shaking. I loved that 2004 fiesta and it served me well throughout my university days. I left Rupert behind in the UK when I moved to France (fearing it wouldn’t survive the journey South and even if it did – it’s the wrong side-drive in these parts).

Well car amateur no more! I can now say that in the last 6 months I have ordered not one but TWO brand new cars to my specification and I now consider myself to be something of a car snob – so I’m just going to take a moment to enjoy that and mega-flail!



Like many people on the car ladder my beau upgrades to a new car every 2 years and the time to say goodbye to our trusty friend had come. I love that my partner trusted my judgement (and fabulous style) enough to let me talk him into ordering an entirely different car to the one he would have gone for. For the first time ever I got to log onto BMW and choose EXACTLY what I wanted; model, colour, interior, dashboard, wheels, gadgets – everything. Pressure was definitely on me to pull this one off. For some reason it actually took BMW 6 months to make our car so when the day finally arrived to go and collect it – we had actually forgotten most of what we ordered. I felt so relieved when we actually saw what we had created and it all looked so AMAZING together. Of course I was my usual modest self when the man at the garage told us that everybody who worked their had been swooning over our car choices as they hadn’t seen them together before. “Oh I chose that! And that! That too.. In fact everything, I picked everything”.. That’s modesty, right?


To be honest I picked everything aesthetic, my partner packed it out with all the fancy gadgets he wanted like head-up display, parking assistance and ejector seats.. You know the drill. It was actually sad to see the old car go because it had been there right from the start of our relationship from the first moment we met. But I can’t pretend that we didn’t forget about it pretty quickly with this snazzy machine in its place, and for me, the first time I had ever been to a garage to collect a brand new car!




Little did I know when we ordered the X1 all those months ago that I would be doing the same thing for MY own car this year!

A few months ago we decided that in the long run we needed to be a two car family and I needed some wheels of my own to roll over french soil. Secondhand cars are actually ridiculously expensive in France and so instead of just buying an old banger to give me independence, my hubby asked me what my dream car would be. I umm-ed and arr-ed between a fiesta and something cute and small like a Fiat 500. Deciding that the Fiesta was a better option for a family car we took a trip to the Ford garage and I took an automatic fiesta on a test drive. At first I was a bit skeptical about an automatic, but trusted my partner when he told me learning to change gear with the other hand as well as all the other bits about driving in a different country would be a nightmare, I rolled with it (pun intended).


img_2278I LOVED it so much that we ordered a brand new shiny Fiesta Titanium eco boost on the spot! .. Well I say on the spot. I picked everything I wanted really quickly (heated seats and that pimped up audio system!) and then it took me about 2 hours to decide what colour I wanted.. Blue, red, blue, red.. Black. I ended up going for black. Black was never on the cards for me as I liked the idea of having a funky coloured car, but I didn’t LOVE the shades of blue or red available enough to win me over. Black is sexy, its timeless and with tinted rear windows – it’s totally mysterious! Whose that girl – is she a drug dealer or an executive business woman? Leaves the mind to wonder .. Or you know – not. Anyways, no regrets.


Despite ordering our two cars (and sofa) MONTHS apart, they coincidently all arrived in the same week! You bet that was an exciting week, and it’s not even December!


“And what does this button do?”
I know that on the grand scheme of cars, a new fiesta is hardly rare (it’s actually the best rated and most common family car available! – I did my homework) but for me it is an absolute DREAM that I never thought possible for myself. New cars are a thing that other people have. Not anymore gf! Massive shout out to my beau for making this dream a reality for me. Not only did he support me in all the choices I made for our second team TuDu car, he did all the hard stuff like ordering this car and sorting out my insurance IN FRENCH so I didn’t have to worry about anything. Literally wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!

Driving my new fiesta is an entirely different experience to anything I have driven before. The steering is SO light and the engine is SO smooth that I constantly find myself over steering and having to be conscious of my speed as it just picks up without any effort or strain at all. Picking up to 120 is so easy and quiet that the cruise control is actually helpful for remaining lawful! Yesterday I drove in the rain at night for the first time and couldn’t believe it when the lights and window wipers came on automatically! It even has front and back parking sensors so I can safely tuck it away in the garage with ease. Being automatic, hill starts are a thing of the past! I literally don’t have to worry about anything other than my road position and what those crazy french drivers mean when they indicate (or not as the case may be!) because this ninja does it all!


I am so in love with both our new cars and I feel so posh (hashtag middle-class) with my gate key, alarm fob, BMW and Ford keys swinging around on my keyring these days. Gone are the days when I could just chuck my uni room key in my back pocket. I need a suitcase to carry these around with me! .. Not bad for two kids who grew up in council houses!




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