Mist-erious Sunset

15326495_10157856853850721_7514695382587493908_nThe weather in South France has been insanely mild this autumn/early winter! As I type this post it’s currently 24 degrees sunshine in the garden! The air has a certain winter chill to it and when the sun starts to tuck itself away around 4-5PM the temperature suddenly plummets to permit winter fires! But generally I’ve spent my days hiding from bees and trying to convince my friends back in the UK that I really do have mosquito bites! Those insects shouldn’t even be awake this time of the year! Some of my spring bulbs have started to grow back already – which means they will probably still have jet lag when they are suppose to wake up in the spring #globalwarming.

It’s still warm enough here to enjoy a decadent spot of tea in the sun and take autumn walks through the woods.


As my partner got home from work last night I went to greet him and I noticed the most amazing views across our garden as low fog crept in across the fields at sunset.. I grabbed my camera and ran out there in my PJ’s to get some snaps! I love the colours in these photos so I thought I’d share them with the world!

.. And one of the cat because he gets FOMO.




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