Home Makeover Month

My hubby and I have been super busy over the last month getting our house in shape! This will probably only be our home for the next 1.5-2 years so while thats barely any time at all, its still a fair while for day to day living. Our aim was to get this place feeling homey with minimal effort and expense on the actual decorating – things we won’t take with us when we move.

The first room we decorated was my dressing room. This room was a very vivd shade of in your face pink when we moved in. It’s the one room in the house that is ENTIRELY mine and therefore I had to take full advantage and make it super girly while remaining true to myself of course..  I am nothing if not eccentric and two things that  I absolutely LOVE in life right now are books and nature so this 3D effect book page wallpaper says it all!


img_4363The next room to have a make over was our home gym. This room required no paint, just some serious clearing out and tidying. Over the autumn and winter it had just become a store room and home to all those boxes that we didn’t know where else to put.. Having solved that storage problem (picture left) this room can finally shine in all it’s glory!

We treated ourselves to the super weight machine as a post-christmas present.. I’m pretty durable at cardio and can happily run or row for half an hour or so at a time, however I have come to realise that my arm strength is pathetic. I’ve found muscles that I didn’t even know I had since using this mean machine!


I have always wanted a family photo wall and thought it was sooOoo cool when I went to my friends and they had all these super fab shots on the wall. I’ve been nagging my partner to hang some of our wedding photos for months but a conversation with my friend reminded me to get back on it! So a little nag here and a little nag there = HUZZAR! The start of our family hall(way) of fame!


We actually painted our bedroom over the summer and I love the effect on three of the walls, however I HATED that one wall that we did differently.. It really grated on me, so what better way to cover up something you hate than with something you love?? = Fake book wallpaper! .. Yep we really love those same 7 books haha. Bit repetitive, but I LOVE it!  Also super impressed with my partners mad wallpapering skills! His NEVER done it before so for a second attempt I’m woooowed! This is now one of my favourite rooms in the house. I love that it’s almost a perfect house shaped room with its peaked ceiling. We get some pretty amazing views of the garden from this room in the summer too.


Our living room has had a bit of a slowly progressive remodelling. Our old oak furniture has found its way into the office and over the last few months we have built up a collection of industrial style furnishings – the newest editions being these bookcases! I had loads of fun making the bookcases look pretty and as one of my friends pointed out, its all fun and games until someone has to dust those!



The final room to get a make-over is the guest room. This room took the longest because it was in such a poor state! Like I can’t even describe how gross this room was! I’m SUPER excited that some of my (our) friends are flying in to visit this spring / summer so I put extra love and care into this room. At first my husband was like “it’s only the guest room..” and I’m like “ONLY the guest room?! This is where the people we love will stay!” .. He didn’t get it but he rolled with it anyway (because his the best like that).. Gradually he started to get it and the other day he even said “it’s worth spending that little extra to give our friends somewhere nice to stay” YES YES YES! <3.




Well thats everything so far! So impressed with how much we have gotten done in a month and I’m so chuffed that all the rooms in the house are now functioning spaces for us to enjoy! I LOVED my little taste of decorating a home and I’m so excited to do it for real in our forever house!



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